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Bobber Maxx Car Window Kit (6 pack)

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Part Number:BMCW6P

Bobber MAXX™ Car Window Kit 6 Pack

Using all 100% USA Dupont® plastic, Bobber MAXX™ Window Clip Bracket Kits are the toughest in the industry! Simply roll your window down a couple of inches, press the window clip bracket firmly in place then roll back up to tightly secure in the upper window channel.
This Window Clip Bracket Kit is made to fit ALL vehicle types! The Window Clip Brackets are designed for our thick 1/4" fiberglass Bobber MAXX™ Stems that offer quick & easy twist lock on/off attachment of our winter-proof, high wind, and fade-resistance Bobber MAXX™.

Kit includes 6 Car Window Brackets, 6 Bobber MAXX™ 41" Stem, and 6 Bobber MAXX™ balloons(1 each of blue, kelly green, yellow, red, lime green and purple).  No substitutions on balloon colors.

Unlike any other manufacturer, the newly formulated MAXX material is very elastic and does not become brittle or saggy at extreme sub-freezing temperatures...It's Winter Proof! The plastic material composition maintains a "like-new" brilliance for months! In addition, Bobber MAXX™ is the best in the industry for fade and wind resistance among seamed balloons. Balloons measure 17" wide in diameter and are oval shaped in design resembling traditional latex balloons. Balloons are easily mounted onto their fiberglass stem holders by stretching the two looped handles into place. Bobber MAXX™ Balloons can be inflated by compressor, a pump or even by mouth. We recommend replacing every 5-7 months due to outside dirt and residue that can cause a reduced glossy sheen.

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