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DURABALLOON Car Window Clip Kit 6 Pack

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DuraBalloon® Car Window Clip Kit 6 Pack

Using all 100% USA Dupont® plastic, DuraBalloon® Window Clip Bracket Kits are the toughest in the industry! Simply roll your window down a couple of inches, press the window clip bracket firmly in place then roll back up to tightly secure in the upper window channel.
This Window Clip Bracket Kit is made to fit ALL vehicle types! The Window Clip Brackets are designed for our thick 1/4" fiberglass DuraBalloon® Stems that offer quick & easy twist lock on/off attachment of our winter-proof, high wind, and fade-proof DuraBalloons®.

Kit includes 6 Car Window Brackets, 6 DuraBalloon® Stems, and 6 DuraBalloons® (1 Each of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink)

These helium-free 18" balloons are the World's Strongest Balloon!

Specially engineered plastic polymers with metallic flake keep them looking shiny, brilliant, and fade-free for months to years! These are the only internally seamless air-filled permanent and reusable balloons on the market today. Whether you are in an arctic, tropical or extremely windy region, no balloon can stand up to the elements better than DuraBalloon®. Although they are made to last many months to years, we recommend replacing DuraBalloons® after about 6 Months due to average amounts dirt and grime build-up that may reduce their original bright shimmer. DuraBalloon® Products are round in shape and easily screwed into their fiberglass stem holders. Inflate via the PREMIUM inflator/deflator, the Hand/Foot pump, an Inflator Tip with your bike pump, or any other compressor or automotive service center with a tapered inflation nozzle.

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