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Keeping the Right Forms

Posted by Gordon on 2/26/2014
The worst thing that can happen to your dealership is to run out of the right paperwork right as you are trying to close a sale. If you are trying to buy or sell or even trade a vehicle you need to ensure that you have the right paperwork on hand in your offices. If you do not, it can lead to a missed sale and a lot of missed revenue. Thankfully your car dealership can order all of your required paperwork in bulk so that you never miss an opportunity again.
You can buy purchase agreements and purchase orders for when your sales staff closes a deal. You can also buy custom purchase agreements to use with other manufacturers or suppliers. Keep stock of dealer warranty disclaimers to distribute to all of your newly purchased warranty agreements as well! With a full supply of documents you can rest assured that when a new car is delivered you get the “affidavit of spot delivery” signed and filed properly. Your dealership can stock your shelves with used vehicle order book papers and never run out again when someone makes their purchase. You can even maintain stock of customer agreement forms and OnStar forms.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and thereby increase your sales and profits you can leave out suggestion cards on desks of sales representatives and the customer service desk for customers to fill out. By having these cards in supply you show your customers and potential customers that you truly care about your service and how your service is perceived by them. This increases the likelihood that customers will come back because they will know that you are taking their complaints and praises as well as suggestions for improvement into consideration. This adds a personal touch that cannot be underestimated.