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Running a Car Dealership 101

Posted by Gordon on 3/6/2014
Competition is found in any business.  With car dealerships on nearly every corner, it is imperative to the success of your business for your dealership to stand out above the rest. Perhaps you have the lowest prices and the best inventory on the block, but drawing customers in can be a challenge.

Advertising is the best way to reach consumers.  It enables you to promote your products, successfully grabbing the attention of buyers.

Below are some reasons why advertising is important:
  • Because not everyone knows who you are or the quality of your business – reach out to new buyers.
  • Your competitors are advertising, and you need to “keep up with the Jones’”.
  • Advertising helps generate traffic and is the first step to increased sales and an expanded customer base.
  • Consumers like to shop for the best deal before making their final decision – advertising makes that much more convenient for them.
  • Advertising lets people know your business is still going strong & helps repeat business.
  • Advertising strengthens your image.
  • Advertising should give customers enough information to draw attention of customers.
  • Most purchasers believe advertising saves them time.
  • Advertising works.
Some businesses reduce their advertising efforts or stop them altogether when the economy is bad or business is slow.  However, attempting to save money by not advertising can actually make you lose money because buyers aren't aware of any special sales or promotions you have going on.

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire big name advertising companies or for celebrity endorsements that can cost millions of dollars.  Dealer Supply Shop offers an alternative to spending big bucks on promoting your business and to boost your sales. Balloons, banners, and flags with your business name or logo promote your business in a bold and effective manner at prices you can afford.