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Tips for the Effective Use of Inflatables at Your Business

Posted by Gordon on 2/28/2014
If you run a small business or franchise that relies upon walk-in customers, you know that getting potential customers' attention is a critical step in attracting new business. By using inflatables, you have the opportunity to draw the attention of these potential customers quickly and effectively, and you perhaps even communicate something about your business. 

There are a number of ways to effectively use inflatables at the site of your business. One of the simplest strategies for inflatable use is simply placing an eye-catching inflatable in front of or on top of your business. The brightly colored forms that inflatables take are ideal for catching the eye of people who happen to be walking or driving past. For great, multi-use inflatables to use in this way, consider the classic, tube-shaped dancing guy, or perhaps a cartoonish character such as King Kong.

Inflatables are also a great way to be more directive in your advertising efforts. With effective use, the devices are terrific at communicating a specific message. For instance, you might opt to tether a blimp-shaped inflatable above your business bearing the message, "Sale." Hot air balloons and cartoonish animals holding placards are equally as effective. 

You might also choose to use an inflatable to endorse a particular holiday, thereby attracting potential customers who also enjoy the holiday. Consider a giant turkey for Thanksgiving, or a red, white and blue bald eagle for Independence Day. If you are having a holiday sale, consider combining this strategy with communication of a specific message. 

When you purchase a television, radio or Internet ad, you necessarily limit yourself to a particular audience. Placing an inflatable outside or above your business catches the notice of a much broader spectrum of potential clients, perhaps extending your business into new demographics. For the amount of people that they reach, inflatables are cost-effective, too.