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Top Promotional Ideas for Car Dealership

Posted by Gordon on 3/4/2014
The fierce competition among car dealerships is no secret. Certain marketing strategies need to be implemented in order to stand out from the rest. It’s a good thing that the Dealer Supply Shop is home to a variety of promotional materials that you can use to execute these examples of marketing gimmicks:
  • Elaborate Display: Banners, balloons, flags, and even windshield slogans are examples of putting on an elaborate display all over your dealership, which can increase your chances of getting noticed by potential customers. This is your chance to promote your brand identity, which would set your dealership apart and make it more recognizable from the competition.
  • Freebies and Giveaways: Besides handing out flyers in certain spots near your dealership, you can also spend a bit more and invest in giving away freebies to really get people interested towards your shop. Examples of which are key chains, mirror hang tags, stickers, license plate frames, license/name plates, and vinyl decals.
  • Local Event Sponsorship: Sometimes, in order to get the customers to come to you, you have to come to them first—and you can do so by sponsoring a small event within your area. You can incorporate placing banners and handing out freebies to the attendees. You can even set up a car display and have your salespeople man them, in case some people want to inquire.
  • Postcards: Sending out postcards is an inexpensive and subtle type of marketing ploy. You can mail different types of postcards—invitation to view the showroom, special cars on display, or in-house events, as well as thank you and birthday cards to encourage customer loyalty.  
In addition to these marketing tactics, you can also invest in full-fledged advertisements in the form of billboards, radio ads with jingle, and so on. These strategies highly depend on your budget and what types of promos work best within your dealership’s vicinity and target audience as well.